Gillian Price

Kris Sawyer is one of the best people that we have ever contracted with. I cannot praise her enough. I felt secure with Kris as the general contractor. Her performance was stellar for “work job one”, the bathrooms. So we went ahead and hired her for “work job two”, the kitchen.

The kitchen was a serious challenge.

Our conclusion: Kris will always come through for you. She has extraordinary strengths. She is pro-active. She respects and honors timelines. She is detail orientated. She is always honest about realistic timelines. She managed her sub-contractors beautifully, while respecting her client’s needs..

Above all, she has a response to detail even better than mine (and I am rather picky). And her communication skills are above and beyond the norm.

I would be happy to recommend Kris for any variety of positions. Her skills and interpersonal skills are amazing.

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